The first address for laboratory and practice furniture for the dental sector

We realize furnishing concepts for doctors, dentists, technicians, schools and universities in the dental field: receptions, wardrobes, waiting areas, treatment units, preparation, technical tables, suction systems, lighting and much more. Individually made for you.


First impressions count: Welcome your patients in a pleasant atmosphere. The reception area is the showpiece of your ­dental office.


Combining pleasant ambience and state-of-the-art technology with functional elements and aesthetics in the treatment rooms is our aspiration. 

Waiting & Wardrobe

Here – everybody enjoys waiting! Let your patients feel that they are very ­welcome. The furnishing specialists at Freuding prepare a master plan for your ­office. 


Small rooms too require suitable solutions.

New facilities from Freuding

Freuding – Name and products have been an integral part of dental technology and medicine for over 50 years.

Face tomorrow, think forward and always be one step further – this is implied by our showroom. With 500 m² show area we will give you an insight into the ­possibilities of furniture for dental laboratories and surgeries. Actual product ­innovations and modern facilities expect you, which do not only captivate by in­dividual refinements but also by the here and there fitted details of construction. This is the meeting point of uniquely designed room concepts – be inspired!

We are your partners right from the beginning: On the basis of your floor plan, our own interior designers plan your ­facility according to your individual wishes. With 3D-CAD drawings and detail views they are able to show the different ­varia­tions. The assembly team of Freuding makes sure that your furniture is fitted and ­installed properly.


A clear arrangement ensures hygiene and order – that is the concept of Freuding for ­sterilization rooms. 


With the switch to digital X-rays, the practical organising cabinet from Freuding is a useful addition. The X-ray cabinet is notable for its ­optical highlights and functional ­details. 


Workplace for CAD-CAM work. Consisting of PC place with cabinet for printer and place for scanner.

Technical workbenches

Freuding technical workbenches have been proven workstations for dental technicians for decades. The different models are constantly being developed and adapted to the working methods of today.

Suction Systems Single

Single place extraction systems for workplaces


In the dental laboratory, an efficient workflow is more important than ever. 


Everything at it’s place. Ergonomically thought out, clear and tidy – this is how Freuding casting rooms present themselves. 


Grey and white: The plain coloring defines the optical impression of these ceramic workplaces.


Correct sitting is part of the healthy work in the laboratory and office, because no one sits like another. Sitting must first and foremost be physical. 

Universities & Schools

What applies for each dental workplace counts double at schools: a well thought-out ergonomics and equipment ­ array are very important as the working area at each place is very restricted. 

Instant delivery program

fast and high quality – the treatment line is available with 4 or 5 units and an optional functional wall cabinet.


Make a bargain – high-quality Freuding furniture from our showroom on sale at discounted conditions.