The company was founded in Stetten in 1910 by Julius Freuding. From its small beginning in a carpenter’s shop of a residential area of the town Julius produced all sorts of furniture. Further expansion on that site was no longer feasible and so a new building was build on a nearby site in 1961. In the year 1966, Julius Freuding handed over the company to his sons Josef and Ferdinand Freuding, who towards set a new direction, specializing in furniture for dental facilities at the end of the 60s. Within a short space of time demand for the dental furniture outstripped manufacturing capacity, resulting in further enlargement of the factory in 1970. The number of employees rose steadily and it was already produced on a surface area of approx. 3500 m². Once again, the physical space was the limiting factor to expansion. The company moved into the newly completed premises in 1992/1993 nearby the newly completed motorway. Since 2005 Peter Freuding is the head of the company.

Today, Freuding’s production extends to an area of 7.000 m² and employs about 70 people. Freuding’s strength lies in its’ trusted pedigree – quality, innovation and design but always aware of giving customers the all important personal touch, following this philosophy it has grown into the global brand in the dental and medical field supplying furniture in Germany, Europe and abroad.