Hygiene protection program

Virus barrier for clamping or placing made of toughened safety glass

For counters and registrations in medical practices, pharmacies and other service companies, wherever protection is necessary, but the safety distance of 2 meters cannot be maintained. Simply stand or clamp and take it back down if necessary.

We offer the following sizes from stock:

Virus barrier for clamping (VS005.01)
1 toughened safety glass pane W 1000 x H 800 x D 6 mm
320,00 €* – order now

Virus barrier to stand (VS006.01)
1 toughened safety glass pane W 800 x H 600 x D6 mm
(The pane can also be rotated to W 600 x H 800 x D 6 mm)
230,00 €* – order now

Other sizes possible on request

Easy-care safety glass with holding brackets
The glass is resistant to solvents and cleaning agents, which means: In contrast to plastic glass, there are no streaks, the pane does not become cloudy and is therefore perfectly hygienic. The Journal of Hospital Infection writes (see Volume 104, Issue 3, March 2020, 246-251): “Effective disinfection against Covid-19 is only possible on glass. Transparent plastics such as acrylic glass cannot withstand treatment with the substances effective against the Covid 19 virus. These plastics are damaged by disinfection using the 62-71% ethanol and 0.1% sodium hypochlorite agents suitable for combating the Covid 19 virus. Cracks appear, which means that the minimum hygienic standards can no longer be met. Glass can be cleaned regularly with these chemicals without any problems.“

Real protection only with real safety glass

stand down and be protected – no drilling – no screwing

Mobile hygiene stations with sensor liquid dispenser

The stand for disinfectants and optional mouth protection are particularly suitable for high-traffic entrance areas where wall mounting is not possible or wall mounting is not desired. The mobility and flexibility of the operator actively fulfills hand hygiene in public areas and supports infection protection. The glass collecting tray is interchangeable and easy to clean. Optionally, there is the option to expand the Maxi stand with a shelf for face masks.

The contactless sensor dispenser for disinfectants gives you the greatest possible security for the hygiene requirements of the RKI. The compatibility with almost all consumables available on the market, the very low energy consumption and high quality standard Made in Germany, convince customers all over the world.

Hygienetower maxi (VS001.01)
W300 x H1400 x D350 mm
1 drip tray, 1 replacement drip tray
1 storage compartment
(without liquid dispenser)
280,00 €* – order now

Hygienetower mini (VS002.01)
W220 x H600 x D240 mm
1 drip tray, 1 replacement drip tray
(without liquid dispenser)
150,00 €* – order now

Sensor liquid dispenser for standard Euro bottles up to 1000 ml (without consumables) (VS003.01)
consisting of:
1 liquid dispenser with battery operation
1 peristaltic metering pump, 1 battery set (3 pieces)
1 adapter set for standard Euro bottles
Please note the enclosed operating instructions.
We accept no liability for damage caused by leaking liquids!
180,00 €* – order now

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* Prices plus delivery and statutory VAT.

    virus barrier for clamping (VS005.01) – 320 Eurovirus barrier to stand (VS006.01) – 230 EuroHygienetower maxi (VS001.01) – 280 EuroHygienetower mini (VS002.01) – 150 Eurosensor liquid dispenser (VS003.01) – 180 Euro