Digitization in the laboratory with multimedia laboratory equipment from Freuding

The multimedia technical workbench with electrically retractable monitor, keyboard drawer and PC compartment. Top shelf with retractable flap for the handpiece. Available with all the usual additional modules and compatible with all Freuding extraction systems. With the extensive range of accessories for plug-in modules, the optimal combination can be quickly put together, depending on the individual working method and a wide variety of materials.

Freuding brings design and function into your practice in the smallest of spaces.

The treatment line with four units consisting of a pelvic, doctor, equipment and assistant cupboard, smooth-running drawer guides with soft closing, including plastic inserts, rounded off with a functional hanging cupboard. Be it cup, glove, towel, face masks – or sensor soaps and disinfectant dispensers, as well as specially manufactured holders for impression trays – everything can be integrated in a dispenser cabinet.

Sophisticated laboratory equipment in a modern Freuding design

Setting up a dental laboratory is not just about housing equipment and the accumulation of workstations. Rather, in addition to ergonomically designed workplaces, the work process must also be taken into account. 16 workstations with dental technology tables, five workstations for CAD / CAM, four ceramic tables, three milling workstations and a plastering room, an area for disinfection, work preparation and dispatch as well as a separate work area for quality assurance – the Freuding interior architects carried out a demanding task with flying colors.

Design furniture for your office

Freuding‘s innovative office furniture is individually planned, built and installed for you. The exchange with our design team and your wishes are the top priority at Freuding. Not infrequently, the space for the office area is tight. Make use of unused storage space with custom-made office furniture from Freuding. From measurements to construction, Freuding is your partner for beautiful, high-quality and process-optimized practice furnishings!

Technical Workbench F41

With the technical workbench series F41, Freuding marks the state of the art. High-quality materials, careful workmanship and numerous well thought-out details are convincing. Due to the special design, several technical tables can be combined into groups in a large number of variants. Many color and material combinations are possible and different front colors can be combined with cover panels made of beech, oak, walnut, bamboo, mineral stone, solid core or plastic. On request, pull-out armrests, a work shell shelf or the modular F1-90/55 work light can be supplied as accessories.

Perfect overview for cleanliness and order 

– this is how the Freuding concept for sterilization rooms can be described. LED color coding on the furniture separates the unclean and clean work areas. A wall panel rail system creates additional space on the work surface. Numerous ingenious details enable many options for new builds and conversions. For example, power and water lines can be routed behind the wall panel. This saves complex installations, looks good and everything is exactly where you need it. The Freuding furnishing specialists develop an overall concept for your reprocessing room.

Freudings bench4four

The team-oriented, communicative and modern bench4four is designed for effective dental work in the dental laboratory and training rooms. Great emphasis has been placed on a stylish design with functional refinements. The floating, self-supporting construction provides more working space for the technician and allows easy, comfortable cleaning of the workplace. Through our many years of knowledge and experience as a laboratory installer, we have developed and manufactured the bench4four technical workbench from current Freuding products in combination with innovative new products.

Dust-free working with the height-adjustable AV sanding station from Freuding

With the height-adjustable AV sanding station from Freuding, the dust can be collected and extracted directly at the point of origin. The crystal-clear acrylic offers an undisturbed view and optimal lighting conditions on the workpieces to be processed. The back wall and the floor are made of anti-glare material to avoid reflections. The ergonomic arrangement of the large access openings allows for comfortable working. Foamed, soft hand rests support and relieve you in your work. The grinding station is easy to clean. In combination with a working magnifier and LED funnel lighting, you get a fully-fledged grinding station that impresses with its height-adjustable function and the coordinated Freuding products.

Organisation cabinet for digital X-rays

With the switch to digital X-rays, the practical organising cabinet from Freuding is a useful addition. The X-ray cabinet is notable for its -optical highlights and functional -details. The structured ergonomic arrangement of the different components ease the working tasks and is fully integrated into a single unit.

Treatment unit Retro

A striking furniture frame in a contrasting color characterizes the appearance of the Retro treatment unit. Elegant and rounded shapes with a recessed base make this classic retro treatment group “float”. Treatment furniture from Freuding offers a pleasant ambience and the latest technology. Many individual variants are possible: whether as a straight line, in different lengths, or a corner solution. Thanks to the various drawer solutions, the treatment units offer you a lot of storage space.