Treatment units by Freuding

Medical treatment is an individual and high-quality service. This should also be reflected in the quality of practice design. We have set ourselves the goal of combining a pleasant ambience and state-of-the-art technology with functional elements and aesthetics in the treatment rooms. The Freuding furnishing specialists develop an overall concept for your practice.

Digitization in the laboratory with multimedia laboratory equipment from Freuding

The multimedia technical workbench with electrically retractable monitor, keyboard drawer and PC compartment. Top shelf with retractable flap for the handpiece. Available with all the usual additional modules and compatible with all Freuding extraction systems. With the extensive range of accessories for plug-in modules, the optimal combination can be quickly put together, depending on the individual working method and a wide variety of materials.

Sophisticated laboratory equipment in a modern Freuding design

Setting up a dental laboratory is not just about housing equipment and the accumulation of workstations. Rather, in addition to ergonomically designed workplaces, the work process must also be taken into account. 16 workstations with dental technology tables, five workstations for CAD / CAM, four ceramic tables, three milling workstations and a plastering room, an area for disinfection, work preparation and dispatch as well as a separate work area for quality assurance – the Freuding interior architects carried out a demanding task with flying colors.

Treatment unit Linea

High-quality materials, careful processing and numerous well thought-out details convince with the Linea treatment line. Following the trend in interior design, clear lines and perfectly presented, the result is a design that meets the highest standards. The treatment line Linea from Freuding is available in different grid sizes, numerous color and front designs are possible.

Perfect overview for cleanliness and order 

– this is how the Freuding concept for sterilization rooms can be described. LED color coding on the furniture separates the unclean and clean work areas. A wall panel rail system creates additional space on the work surface. Numerous ingenious details enable many options for new builds and conversions. For example, power and water lines can be routed behind the wall panel. This saves complex installations, looks good and everything is exactly where you need it. The Freuding furnishing specialists develop an overall concept for your reprocessing room.

Treatment unit Retro

A striking furniture frame in a contrasting color characterizes the appearance of the Retro treatment unit. Elegant and rounded shapes with a recessed base make this classic retro treatment group “float”. Treatment furniture from Freuding offers a pleasant ambience and the latest technology. Many individual variants are possible: whether as a straight line, in different lengths, or a corner solution. Thanks to the various drawer solutions, the treatment units offer you a lot of storage space.

Height-adjustable workbench Ergo Vital

Back-friendly work with the height-adjustable workbench Ergo Vital. The stepless adjustment not only allows the height of the worktop to be varied, but also the drawer elements adapt to the requirements. This means that you can always work optimally at the Ergo Vital technical table, either sitting or standing.

The first impression counts: Freuding’s modern reception areas

The first impression counts: Greet your patients with a modern Freuding reception. Whether with a straight or round shape or with a standing reception, the reception area is the calling card of your practice. The Freuding furnishing specialists plan and build your new reception counter reliably and from sustainable materials.