Modern practice facility for Alzenau orthodontics

A beautiful smile with straight teeth creates sympathy. Teeth have a major influence on oral health and your own well-being. For the optimal result of a treatment, optimal conditions are also necessary. The modern practice facility has created an environment in which the patient and the treating doctor feel at home. Freuding planned, built and installed the complete furnishings for the orthodontic practice to the highest quality.

Order for efficient and clean work with the drawer inserts from Freuding

Not only the room layout for the new facility is important, but also the optimal use and equipment of the treatment furniture and laboratory facilities. Numerous drawer inserts with sealing edges offer a lot of storage space and protection and offer a perfect organization of the work processes.

State-of-the-art laboratory equipment for Aesthetic Vision in Riyadh

The needs of customers and dentists are the focus of Kamal Jawabra‘s state-of-the-art dental laboratory and his Aestheic Vision laboratory. Freuding planned and built the facility using the floor plan by its in-house interior designers, taking customer wishes into account. With the help of three-dimensional CAD drawings and detailed views, different versions could be played through. The Freuding assembly teams ensured the professional assembly and installation of the facilities.

Height-adjustable workbench Ergo Vital

Back-friendly work with the height-adjustable workbench Ergo Vital. The stepless adjustment not only allows the height of the worktop to be varied, but also the drawer elements adapt to the requirements. This means that you can always work optimally at the Ergo Vital technical table, either sitting or standing.

Linea treatment furniture

Whether large or small, a lot of space or little, Freuding enables perfect adaptation to a variety of spatial situations. Whether as a straight line in different lengths or a corner solution. Elegant, straightforward and clear, timeless with many front and panel variations. Different grid sizes, numerous colors and front designs are possible. High-quality materials, careful workmanship and numerous well thought-out details impress with the Linea treatment line.

Equipment for the dental laboratory Sandmair in Munich

The laboratory in downtown Munich is headed by master dental technician Daniel Sandmair and specializes in high patient service in a great atmosphere.

Freuding work preparation station FV030 

In dialogue with our customers, Freuding developed a work preparation station specifically for grinding dental prosthetics. Particular emphasis was placed on ergonomics, health, safety and efficiency. Actuated by a foot switch, the models can be blown off quickly and hands-free with the blow-off device. Extendable armrests support you for fine motor precision work with maximum freedom of movement. The suction funnel has a DGUV certificate. Can be combined with single or multi-user extraction systems. The work preparation station can also be equipped with a height-adjustable table frame.

LED workplace lighting with media module

The AP lighting from Freuding offers an efficient lighting solution and the best illumination of the work area at your laboratory workstation. The moveable, ball-bearing mounted lamp arm holds the setting height securely in any position. The cone-shaped light beam is optimally adjusted via the hand wheel. There are 2 sockets or the media module box in the lamp base, which can be equipped individually, e.g. with USB, HDMI or RJ45 connections.

Cleanliness in the plaster room thanks to the tilting device

Simple and hygienic handling thanks to a tilting device. It is hung in the floor of the existing pool cabinet. This allows the plaster separator to be easily tilted backwards, allowing approx. 6 liters of water to be emptied. By reducing the amount of water, the gypsum separator can then be easily removed from the tilting device.

IDS 2023 in Cologne – New facilities from Freuding

We implement furnishing concepts for doctors, dentists, technicians, schools and universities: laboratory and practice furnishings, e.g. B. Receptions, cloakrooms, waiting areas, treatment units, preparation, technical tables, extraction systems, lighting and much more, individually manufactured for you. The Freuding team looks forward to your visit!